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Toronto, ON (August 7, 2013) – Fomrarum has won the second stage Development Award from the Ryerson University’s Norman Esch Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awards.

The award was granted for completion of a formal market research which substantiates that there is market demand for an advanced treatment system for water disinfection. The Stage 2 Esch Award will support successful applicants to develop a business plan and a beta prototype.

About Formarum

Formarum is a Canadian Corporation centered on an award-winning water disinfection device that has received positive acclaim and support from the industry and government. This device is an automatic water sanitizer for recreational water bodies with the ability to reduce Chlorine consumption by up to 90%. Our system enables consumers to reduce maintenance time and operation cost while eliminating the health hazards of pool chemicals and providing a comfortable and enjoyable swimming experience.

About Esch Awards

The Esch Awards provide financial assistance to engineering entrepreneurs , with the purpose of enabling new, innovative ideas for products, inventions and technologies that are relevant to the Canadian economy now and in the future.

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